Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintenance on this pool is very easy. During the summer, I empty the skimmers and Polaris (click here for more info on Polaris) once per week, and backwash the sand filter about once per month. I take a water sample to the pool store once per month. Make sure to have a “pool guy” you can trust. Many times you don’t need to add anything to the pool. Sometimes you will add salt and/or muriatic acid. Occasionally other chemicals will be necessary.

During the winter, I do the same maintenance as above approximately every two months.

When it’s very hot or very windy, water needs to be added. I keep the water level at the middle of the tiles around the top of the pool.

About every six months the cartridge in the salt system has to be replaced. That’s around $100 and is the most expensive maintenance requirement.

(click here for more info on Polaris)

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